07 8 / 2013

Made With Paper

Made With Paper

07 8 / 2013

I did lots of research on various birth plans.  The shorter the better.

Present in the delivery room:

·         Jacob Taylor :: Husband

·         Merlita Ayos :: Mother (if in town)

My Delivery is planned as:

·         Vaginal (non-induced)

Pain Relief and Medication I am interested in:

·         Bath

·         Massage

·         Breathing

·         Hot/Cold Treatment



·         Will request for pain medication/treatment if needed

Fetal Monitoring

·         I prefer a method that allows me to remain mobile (hep-lock)

I’d like to spend the First Stage / Early Labor:

·         at Home

I’d like to spend Active Labor & Transition:

·         Resting between contractions

·         Mobile

·         Trying anything to ease discomfort and assist the labor process

In Case I need an Episiotomy or Urinary Catheter:

·         I would Prefer to NOT receive an Episiotomy

·         If I need one I’d like to be injected with Local Anesthetic


·         The doctor will cut the cord

Baby Care:

·         After Birth: Quick wipe off then immediate Skin to skin contact (Unless urgent procedures need to be performed)

·         Breastfeeding: as soon as possible / I am exclusively breastfeeding

·         No Pacifiers, bottles or formula

·         Medical Procedures: to be done in room with me if possible

28 7 / 2013

I made this card on July 27th, 2012, almost one year ago.  I made it even before I even took the pregnancy test.

I just knew, and two days later Jacob knew too. 

Before I told him the exciting news, I savored every single second of our final moments as ”just the two of us.” 

05 7 / 2013

When Molly turned one month old on May 1st, I woke up without any plans or ideas about birthday pictures.  While I had her on the changing table, I was looking around the room at the mess of tissue paper and gift bags that I still had around her room from recent gifts.  I suddenly had the idea to put her in the smallest gift bag that she will fit in and take a picture every month with her in a different bag, or I would put her in a big gift bag and take pictures as she grows into it. 

I ended up ditching the bag idea and just laying her down and stuffing tissue paper around her was easy enough and still cute.  It worked out great because it didn’t matter if she crinkled or moved the paper!  Each month is a little different, but she will be wearing the same onesie as long as it fits.  The onesie reads

“Party in my room, 2:00 AM, Bring your own Bottle.” 





04 7 / 2013

  • When Jacob turned into a dad:

The last week of July of 2012, I felt…different.  That weekend, we began our vacation at a beautiful resort in Jamaica and I thought it would be perfect if I could surprise Jacob with my pregnancy.  That is, if I were pregnant.  As soon as we stepped into our room I couldn’t wait to take the pregnancy test.  So trying to remain casual, I say rather loudly, “I HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM,” and I take my whole suitcase in with me.  Two tests later and it was confirmed!  I made reservations at The Three Palms and had the waiter surprise Jacob by bringing him out a “Manager’s Special.”



  • Molly’s first picture


5 weeks old

  • Molly’s second picture


13 weeks old

  • It’s a Girl!

This is the moment when the ultrasound technician said, “It’s a Girl.” (Notice the period after the phrase.  She said it with absolutely no enthusiasm at all! But, it didn’t stop Jacob from smiling)


  • Cat Naps

During the 1st and 2nd Trimester, I took a lot of naps during the day. 


Yes, I know about Toxoplasmosis. Don’t worry, I never cleaned the litter box. Thanks, Jacob.

  • The Ultimate Pregnancy Pillow

A wonderful mother of one of my preschool students gave me the giant Boppy body pillow!  I loved it, Jacob hated it! 


  • Sad Toots

Poor Toots :(  I used to play with her so much and run with her as often as I could.  She definitely had (and still has) the baby blues. 


  • A few belly stages  





  • Jacob in the nursery


04 7 / 2013


^April 4th


^ June 7th



04 7 / 2013

04 7 / 2013

04 7 / 2013

A few days before her due date, I downloaded and tested several Contraction Timer Apps. Then, I saved the one that I felt was the most basic and user friendly, especially during contractions. 

Here is the app I used: 

  Contraction Timer

and Here’s what it recorded on the morning of March 31st, 2013:

I’ve had 38 contractions, with an average duration of 01:00 and average frequency of 05:40.

My contraction details:

12:09:02pm to 12:09:31pm, lasted 00:29 with frequency of 01:58
12:07:03pm to 12:08:07pm, lasted 01:04 with frequency of 01:51
12:05:11pm to 12:05:50pm, lasted 00:38 with frequency of 02:43
12:02:28pm to 12:03:47pm, lasted 01:19 with frequency of 04:28
11:57:59am to 11:59:11am, lasted 01:11 with frequency of 05:23
11:52:35am to 11:53:33am, lasted 00:57 with frequency of 04:15
11:48:20am to 11:49:21am, lasted 01:01 with frequency of 02:27
11:45:53am to 11:46:53am, lasted 01:00 with frequency of 03:00
11:42:52am to 11:44:01am, lasted 01:08 with frequency of 02:44
11:40:07am to 11:41:12am, lasted 01:04 with frequency of 04:57
11:35:10am to 11:36:47am, lasted 01:37 with frequency of 03:12
11:31:57am to 11:32:50am, lasted 00:53 with frequency of 04:59
11:26:57am to 11:28:16am, lasted 01:19 with frequency of 05:44
11:21:12am to 11:22:06am, lasted 00:54 with frequency of 04:15
11:16:57am to 11:17:39am, lasted 00:41 with frequency of 05:04
11:11:53am to 11:12:53am, lasted 00:59 with frequency of 05:10
11:06:42am to 11:07:27am, lasted 00:44 with frequency of 05:40
11:01:02am to 11:02:06am, lasted 01:04 with frequency of 11:42
10:49:20am to 10:50:04am, lasted 00:44 with frequency of 06:28
10:42:51am to 10:43:57am, lasted 01:06 with frequency of 06:00
10:36:50am to 10:37:57am, lasted 01:06 with frequency of 05:23
10:31:27am to 10:32:23am, lasted 00:56 with frequency of 07:49
10:23:37am to 10:24:48am, lasted 01:10 with frequency of 12:57
10:10:39am to 10:11:21am, lasted 00:42 with frequency of 04:39
10:05:59am to 10:06:38am, lasted 00:38 with frequency of 04:46
10:01:13am to 10:01:57am, lasted 00:44 with frequency of 03:42
09:57:30am to 09:58:28am, lasted 00:57 with frequency of 06:02
09:51:28am to 09:52:33am, lasted 01:04 with frequency of 06:31
09:44:56am to 09:46:02am, lasted 01:05 with frequency of 06:13
09:38:42am to 09:39:51am, lasted 01:08 with frequency of 04:19
09:34:23am to 09:35:23am, lasted 00:59 with frequency of 06:38
09:27:45am to 09:29:40am, lasted 01:55 with frequency of 08:33
09:19:11am to 09:20:23am, lasted 01:11 with frequency of 02:37
09:16:34am to 09:17:18am, lasted 00:43 with frequency of 04:27
09:12:06am to 09:13:54am, lasted 01:47 with frequency of 18:23
08:53:43am to 08:54:33am, lasted 00:49 with frequency of 07:17
08:46:26am to 08:46:49am, lasted 00:23 with frequency of 07:33
08:38:53am to 08:40:02am, lasted 01:09

After that last contraction at noon, I said “I’m ready to go to the hospital now.”  I arrived at 4 cm dilated.


That’s me at home during a contraction.

04 7 / 2013

In the last 3 weeks of my third trimester, I was fortunate enough to begin my maternity leave.  It was really important for me to mentally prepare myself for labor, delivery, and my final moments of life before plunging into motherhood.  The most popular advice from other mothers was that I should get as much sleep as I could before the baby arrives.  It sounds easy enough, but when there are so many thoughts racing through your mind and you feel the urge to organize the nursery for the third time every day, you feel like sleep is not an option.  By the time night would come, I would be so exhausted from working on all the random (and often unnecessary) tasks, I couldn’t wait to lay down and take the advice I was so often given.  Molly, however, was on a different schedule and was incredibly active as soon as I’d lay down, causing sleep to be pushed off until about 2 am every night.  Then there’s the bladder issue.  I had to use the bathroom about every hour and the act of getting out of bed was just so, so difficult! So instead of sleeping, I’d get several “cat naps” through the night and wake up every morning around 8 am.  So…no I didn’t take their advice, but not from lack of trying.